August 11, 2017
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Home Improvements that Boosts Your Health

You spend most of your free time in your home. Have you ever thought about how healthy your environment is? The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency states that people are indoors 90 percent of their lives. If your place isn’t healthy, you’re going to have a problem. Here are four home improvements that boost your health.

Exercise Room

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Do you exercise regularly? Self Magazine believes that you should work out five days each week. Many people fall well short of this goal, primarily because of free time. Traveling to and from a gym takes time, and that’s not even including the workout process.

You’re more likely to work out in your own home. That’s why you should add an exercise room. You don’t need much. A weight bench, a treadmill, and a yoga mat are a great start. When you add a few kettlebells and other exercise accessories, you’ll feel like you can do any major workout in your own home.

Air Purifier
If you can’t trust the air that you breathe, you’re in trouble. The EPA link above indicates that a home with poor indoor air quality (IAQ) is a serious health risk. Indoor air can have as much as five times more pollution than the great outdoors. That’s true even in the most pollution-ridden urban cities in the country.

You need to buy an air purifier. These devices improve IAQ by sucking dust and other pollutants out of the air. You’ll breathe more comfortably in your own home while avoiding the health issues that stem from unclean air.

Smart Thermostat

Your home won’t keep you healthy on its own. Houses need instructions to do the things that you need to avoid illness. For example, the temperature in your home is entirely dependent on you. You set the thermostat, and that’s the temperature until the next time you change it, give or take a degree or two. If you keep it too cold, you could get sick. If you keep it too warm, you might feel nauseous.

You want your house to stay at a healthy temperature all the time. That’s a good reason to install a smart thermostat. These devices track your behavior over time, learning the times when you need a room warmer or cooler. After a short training period, it will keep your home at the perfect temperature throughout the day. You’ll never feel healthier.

Water Purifier

By now, most people appreciate the importance of hydration. You should drink several ounces of water each day to replenish your body with the nutrients it needs. What happens if you use unclean water, though? You’ll make yourself sick.

A water purifier is the solution to this potential problem. It will sanitize all the water that you drink, making sure that each sip is healthy. These devices remove toxic metals, microscopic organisms, and other contaminants that you can’t even see. As a side benefit, you’ll also drink the tastiest water you’ve ever had.

You’re not too far away from living a healthier life. Simply make these four home improvements. You’ll look and feel better almost immediately.

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