August 19, 2017
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If You Want To Liberate Your Mind, Liberate Your Home

There’s nothing better than the feeling of peace and serenity, something that the modern era keeps stealing away with busy schedules and demanding lifestyles. Such situations tend to make us forget that we can influence our well-being and treat ourselves with some positive vibes. And, there’s no better place to start than the home. Our getaway place when everything is against us, our shelter from the pains and troubles and our sanctuary when we need comfort and love.

The beginning

Decluttering your house is not an easy job if you just start doing it with no plan and order. Soon enough it will only bring more frustration and you’ll give up. In order to avoid extra stress, have a seat, grab a pen and paper, and make a plan. This will not only help you organize yourself but you’ll also know what to buy and use for cleaning different surfaces and how to speed up the process by using appropriate mops, dusters, and techniques.   

Call your friends

Cleaning the house doesn’t have to be a strain, make it fun. Ask your friends to join you for a house cleaning party. It’s not about your not being able to clean your own house, but about making it good for the soul and pleasant for the nerves. Take pictures of yourselves and post them on social networks, make funny hats out of paper and even add some competitions for the fastest window washing or dusting.

Don’t forget the music

Music is a must when doing something that you don’t find too agreeable. Pick the songs that boost your enthusiasm for vacuuming and lift your spirit so you don’t quit easily. Dance around the house while dusting, sing along while moping or just hum when hanging that curtain. Music makes everything better and something seemingly as boring as cleaning the house can soon look like a Saturday night fever show.

Bye-bye calories

It’s a known fact that house cleaning burns calories, some activities even more than a light exercise in the gym. So consider it a workout and put on some sweatpants and t-shirt, and don’t forget the sneakers. But under no circumstances turn cleaning into exercise, since it already is just that, but let it flow naturally and orderly. Tomorrow you will feel as though you’ve spent time in the gym and not cleaning your home.

Don’t be afraid to eliminate excess stuff

House cleaning is not complete or satisfying if you don’t work on decluttering and eliminating all the unnecessary things from your home. This means throwing or putting away all those items you don’t like, use or need anymore. Supercheap Storage Solutions in Wollongong are only one of the possibilities to put away unwanted furniture or appliances. The other one is to organize a yard sale and earn some money to buy new things for your home or yourself. 

Change the furniture layout

It’s always great to change the look of your new place when cleaning. Move the furniture around the room, try some different combinations and choose the one which appeals to you the most. Sometimes changing the place of a couple of things can make your place refreshed and more accessible. Don’t be afraid to experiment or get out of your comfort zone. Try out different styles, and play with decorations like pillows, vases and fresh flowers. 

Embellish the walls

This may be the final touch and doesn’t have to go to extremes like painting the whole room or even home. There are numerous decorative options on the market, like wallpapers with various prints, patterns for painting or stickers. You can also use some decoupage technique to give a new look to your shelves or hang some ornaments on the walls. A lot of home décor is based on DIY projects which don’t cost a lot and are something you can do yourself even if you’ve never made anything in your life. 

In the end

Whatever your house cleaning endeavor and no matter how big or small, don’t forget to enjoy the fruits of your work. Don’t think of it as a job that needed to be done, but as an exercise for your body and soul. Physical activity, which also includes housework, is proven to help people think clearly and chases away anxiety and stress. And although a little bit of housework is not only okay but also welcoming, by liberating your home from clutter and piled up mess, you’ll liberate your mind from troubles clouding your judgment and stopping you from enjoying some leisure time at your home.

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