August 23, 2017
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Review – Essential Oil Carrying Case

This is the first time I used an Essential Oil Carrying Case. I initially thought it was a beauty pouch where I can put small sampler sizes of my favorite beauty products. I knew it said essential oil carrying case, but it sure looks like a beauty pouch.

I don’t own many mall bottles of essential oil right now. I only have one small bottle which fit one of the slots to hold the bottle. The bottle sample I used has a 1 inch diameter and this is for illustration purposes.

What I like:

I like the compact size and color.
The carabiner. Unlike other pouches I have owned in the past, this Essential Oil Carrying Case has a carabiner as a holder instead of a key ring. So, when the pouch is filled with plenty of small vials of essential oil, you can hang it and be assured that it won’t fall off because it has a sturdy carabiner holder.
It is easy to clean, and water proof.
It can hold 5 ml, 10 ml, 15 ml essential oil vials or other small samplers of beauty products.
It has a mesh and elastic band to hold the vials securely in place.
It has a middle smaller pouch inside with a photo ID slot.
It can double as an essential carrying case and a beauty pouch at the same time.
It can also be used as a carrying case for your gadgets and cords.
It can hold 14 small vials.
It has 1 magnetic closure pouch outside the carrying case.
It has a zipped pocket outside the carrying case for added storage space.
It is very spacious.

What I don’t like:

Nothing. It is a nice carrying case that is also versatile. If I can make a suggestion though, I wish they have more other colors to choose from like pink. 🙂


Bag:100d Nylon oxford
Metal brass zippers


8 in length x 5 in height, width is expandable especially when already filled with small vials and other accessories.

Where to buy:

This is available in

My recommendation:

I like this product for the reason that it is made to be an essential oil carrying case but it can be versatile with its function. It can be your gadget bag and cord organizer, and beauty pouch too. The carabiner keychain is very perfect for travels so you can hang it on a hook and be assured that it won’t fall because of its sturdy stitching.


I received this slim wallet complimentary from for testing purposes. I only review products that I feel will be beneficial to my readers.

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