September 22, 2017
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Sneaky Causes of Acne

Having sudden breakouts just when you need to look extra great can both be frustrating and annoying. And no matter what you do to hide those spots, nothing seems to work.
And what’s worse?
Your pimples seem to grow more in both number and size. Oddly enough, your creams, gels and other topical products can’t do anything about them.
Here’s why:
You can’t get rid of acne without nipping its root cause from the bud.
Even if you apply loads of acne treatments, your skin will continue to breakout if you don’t beak the chain. And that’s where it gets trickier.
There are a lot of things that can cause acne. Some of them are really obvious while most of them can just sneak up on you.
Your clothes, makeup and skin care products can contribute to acne. Even the food you eat on a daily basis can trigger pimples.
The weather, the sun and your stress level play a huge role, too.
Knowing what your acne triggers are is the first step to completely eliminating acne for good. If you are wondering what those triggers are and how you can deal with them, check out this really amazing infographic below.

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