September 25, 2017
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Ways To Add Volume To Thin Or Baby Fine Hair

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I am one of those women whose curly hair actually deceive a lot of people. They think my hair is very voluminous because the frizz and the waviness make it look so. In reality, my hair is baby fine. It is quite thin that when I use a straightening iron, it looks very flat on my scalp. You could see my scalp right away. I get very conscious about it because when I was younger, my classmates called me “baldy.” It’s not a very nice thing to be teased at because it made me insecure. My hair is supposed to be my crowning glory but I didn’t feel “glorious” about it for a long time. 
(This is my thin but wavy hair, and the scalp is showing in one side.)
There are many ways to improve the volume of one’s thin or baby fine hair nowadays compared to my time when growing up. The hair industry has really stepped up the game for women with thin hair to not get conscious and insecure with their tresses.
Here are simple ways to help add volume to thin or baby fine hair:

Use a wig or clip ons
One way of adding volume to your thin or baby fine hair is to wear a wig. It is an instant upgrade to your hairstyle as well because you can choose from many hairstyle, length and even color. There are plenty of wigs that will surely fit your personal style and preference, and you can find them not only in beauty parlor but also on the web when you look for a wig online. And online sites like Divastress will pleasantly surprise you with the myriad of wigs they have to complement you.  I think I may need to try a wig or clip on to cover that patch of scalp that shows when I let my hair loose or straightened.
(Photos from
Here are few samples of clip ons you can try too:
(Photos from
Use volumizing products

(Photo credit:

Hair care products like volumizing shampoo and conditioner can add volume to your thin hair.  These products gently cleanses your hair and scalp without leaving your hair heavy and flat. 
Blow dry your hair upside down

                                                          (Photo credit:

This method helps build volume while drying your tresses because it allows gravity to lift your hair. You can also spritz a small amount of hair spray to set your hair before flipping your hair back.
Take vitamins supplement for hair
You may want to check with a doctor to see if there is an underlying condition for your thin hair. Your doctor may prescribe you to drink vitamin supplements containing Vitamin B, Niacin, Biotin, Iron, and Zinc which are all needed by your to be properly nourished with the right nutrients for a healthy hair.
Try switching your part
Maybe you have been wearing your part on one side of your head for the longest time, and it has already flattened to that side. Try switching part and see an instant lift and volume on your hair because the new part helps the hair get lifted away from the scalp. 
Have a hair cut
There are certain cut that works best for thin, flat, baby fine hair – layered cut. Layers allow shorter hair to get a ready lift making your hair voluminous. If your hair is very long, it tends to get flat in time due to the wait. Try having a hair cut up to mid length or shorter hair cuts to provide an instant lift.  These kinds of hair lengths do not drag your hair down.
These are just few of the ways you can add volume to your thin or baby fine hair. If you want an instant lift, a change of look or even an upgrade of your hairstyle and you want to playful and experimental, I will suggest trying the wig and other clip ons on your tresses. It is a great way to get your look updated, confidence restored, and just enjoy your new look all in all.
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