October 3, 2017

Protect Your Home This Halloween

Halloween is quickly approaching, which means kids in fun costumes and tons of candy. However, it also means that there will be more pranksters and burglars out looking to cause some trouble. A majority of vandalism insurance claims are filed after Halloween, but here are some tips to protect your property so your home isn’t a target.

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash
1. Put your car inside. If you have a garage, it’s a good idea to keep your car in it on Halloween to avoid any potential trouble. If not, make sure it’s locked up to prevent theft or vandalism.
2. Keep your door closed after a certain time. It’s likely that the trick-or-treaters in your neighborhood will be off the streets by 9, so pick a time to shut your light off and lock up. Anyone out after about 9 o’clock is likely someone you wouldn’t want to open your door for.
Photo by Rob Sarmiento on Unsplash
3. Set up your home security. If you have a home security system, be sure to set your alarms to keep vandals at bay. Follow security social media profiles, such as SimpliSafe, to keep an eye on safety tips leading up to the holiday.
4. Don’t let anyone inside. This one may seem obvious, but unless you know the visitor, do not let them into your house. You never know who might just be looking to steal something!
5. Utilize motion sensor lights. If a light goes on each time someone gets close to your house, chances are they’ll be frightened off and won’t pursue your house. Having lights outside also makes it easier for trick-or-treaters to find the path without tripping on any of your decorations.
6. Check outside before opening the door. This is a good habit to get into anyway, but it’s especially important on Halloween when there might be someone outside your door waiting to do a prank. Look through your peephole or a side window to make sure it’s safe to open the door.
7. Keep your pets inside. Although your pet may be well-mannered, it might frighten children walking around the neighborhood. Take the cautious route by keeping your pets inside.
Photo by Naomi Suzuki on Unsplash
It’s important to not only keep your property safe, but to make sure those entering your property are safe as well. Halloween is a fun and exciting day, so follow these steps to make sure your holiday is worry-free! How do you plan to decorate and keep your home safe this Halloween?
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