October 6, 2017
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Review – DesignEvo Free Online Logo Maker

I have been playing around with logo designs recently with another software which is a bit costly. That software is very in-demand for graphic artists and illustrators alike. However, if you are just starting off and you need a simple base where you can create your simple logos without the frills, then the DesignEvo Free Online Logo Maker app is the one for you.

What is DesignEvo?

DesignEvo is a free online logo maker application.

Who does it cater to?

I it is for everyone who has the knack for graphics, brand marketing, owns a business, has a product or company to promote, entrepreneurs, bloggers, those who cannot afford the cost of hiring professional graphic artist to create their logo, startups, and practically everyone who needs a logo.


Has plenty of fonts to choose from
Has a myriad of clip arts/graphics you can choose to add to your logo design
Very simple interface and easy to navigate
Clean interface and very straight to the point web application
It is FREE. I have to stress that.
You can download your project afterwards
Color enhancements for the elements

Why I like it:

First of all, it is a FREE web tool. I still pay a chunk of money every month to maintain my subscription to one of the leading software providers to use their applications. The DesignEvo free online web tool to create logo saves me tons of money.
This is very good because I used to buy bundles of graphics, cliparts, and fonts to create simple logos for my family and friends. Again, the cost-effectivity of this web app becomes a priority.
It is very simple and easy to use. I don’t need a manual to find my way around the web tool. The other software I am using has plenty of commands to memorize or at least, get familiarize with to be able to continue with my project. I don’t have to do that here.

Even amateurs or those who have no experience in logo-making can use this.
It doesn’t take much space in my computer unlike the other software because DesignEvo is a cloud-based app. The only time you download is when you need your project in your laptop or PC.
Downloading is very fast.
It has a ready-made html code that you can copy if you want to feature it on your website. This saves you from coding the logo into an html readable format.

And this is my favorite, the logo you have just created becomes similar to a  “smart object” in other softwares,  when you click on the “PREVIEW.”  You can view how your logo will look like if it was printed on objects like stationery, envelope, business card, shirt, mug, etc.  In the other software I use, you have to do some steps to make the graphic you created a smart object. It is not a very lengthy one but compared to DesignEvo’s feature of showing it to you like how a smart object works in other design softwares. Although, your logo itself is NOT a smart object per se in DesignEvo. It just gives you that Preview feature that doesn’t leave you in the dark on how good it will look like when printed or displayed in the web or gadgets.

This is my final logo design. The dot grid at the background can also be removed if you like.

What I don’t like and what they can improve on:

It does not have the save option. I wish in their future enhancements, they can include a “save” option and with the save feature, they can also add various formats your project can be saved to.
Group/Ungroup feature is not available. Comparing to the other software I am using, I would prefer to have some of the design elements I have on the project to be grouped as I wish. However, DesignEvo does not have it as of this time.
I hope they can add more “brush lettering” type of fonts as I love brush lettering like a modern calligraphy. Although the current version already has handmade fonts to choose from, I still hope they can more for variety.
My recommendation:
The free online tool delivered what it should, a free, fast, and easy way to create logos without the frills, and heavy cost of other design software. I still highly recommend the DesignEvo free online logo maker to everyone who wish to make their own logo without spending at all.
DesignEvo is from PearlMountain Soft Technology, the same company that brought you numerous, easy-to-use tools like FotoJet, Photo Collage Maker, Publisher Plus, CollageIt for Mac, Videogif, and many more.
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