October 25, 2017
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Stylish Holiday Cards From Minted

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Ever since I learned about the many new, fresh, whimsical, and super stylish designs of Minted’s Holiday Cards, I have been hooked.
I am still an old school. I prefer sending out cards via the post because there is something very special with that. Imagine putting an effort to send across your thought and care to the recipient by going out of your way to send the card. While many people prefer sending out electronic cards, I still promote old customs and traditions. One of that is to send out Holiday cards.
If you are like me who are into preserving traditions that we cannot let die because of modernization, then be one of the many who still buy their Holiday cards to spread some cheers. And won’t that be more special if you can customize your Holiday cards too? Then, you came to the right place to find out how.
Welcome to Minted!
Minted is an online site that offers designs from independent, fresh, and highly creative artists. You can choose from the many eclectic, fun, traditional, whimsical, and even classic designs of cards, stationeries, tags, stickers, planners, journals, wrappers, and many more.  You can choose your paper product and customize to make it more personal.
Now that the Christmas season is fast approaching, you can check out the Holiday cards from Minted.
Here is a sample of our Christmas card which I sent out last year.
Aside from cards, you can pair your Holiday cards with tags, and even the wrapper for a more consolidated look like this one I ordered before.
Here are some designs that tickle my fancy! Check out the other designs in Minted and order yours now.
Have you picked your favorite design? Take advantage of Minted’s offer too below:
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