December 17, 2017

2 Ways to Make Your Cross Stitch Patterns Unique

Cross stitch patterns and fun cross stitch kits are terrific for giving you ideas on what to do for a needlework project, or in helping beginners learn the craft. But the finished piece often looks like it came from a cross stitch kit. If you want to add some zazzle to your cross stitch project, there are two easy and fun ways to add your own unique touch to the design.

1. Use charms and beads.

You can add levels of sparkle and fun simply by adding charms or beads to your needlework. Many stores that sell cross stitch kits also sell charms and beads, so they’re easy to find. Adding it into the needlework is a matter of a few simple steps.

Typically a charm, and often a bead, will have a loop for attaching it to jewelry. You can just as easily attach that loop to your stitching using a single strand of cotton. If you want the finished stitching to look invisible, simply use a thread that is the same colour as the cross stitches or the canvass fabric.

Attaching the charm or bead is much like sewing a button. To attach the charm where you want it, secure the at the back of the fabric, then use your needle to pull it through where you want the charm to go. Stitch several small, neat stitches over the top of the charm’s loop, while holding the charm in place with your thumb. Once it feels secure, tie it off by securing the thread at the back. It is that easy to add a charm or bead to your cross stitch!

2. Use a two-tone effect.

The two-tone technique is very well suited to adding a texture, movement and depth to your cross-stitch pattern. It’s a blended stitch technique that is especially nice for nature effects —grass, sky, fur… the list goes on. Like adding a charm, it’s really very easy to do.

First, choose a shade that is a little lighter or darker than the one included in the kit, and make sure your purchase the same kind of floss (even the same brand if you can). Confirm how many strands of each thread your pattern calls. For instance, if you’re two strands, you will simply use two different colours instead of one colour. Then thread your needle as normal and do the same stitches your cross stitch kit recommends. It is that easy.

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