December 17, 2017

3 Great PowerPoint Secrets

Whether you’re constructing a financial analysis or just putting together a few slides for a group of third graders, you’ll want your PowerPoint presentation to make a good impression on your intended audience. But what if you aren’t interested in all the usual font and color tips? What if you’re looking for real design secrets that will make your project pop? Here are just three ideas.

1.  Think Horizontally

PowerPoint operates on a “landscape” design that’s best optimized with horizontal features. Most people start at the top and work down, but this can actually create a squeeze effect where the eye naturally rebels against what it sees because it subconsciously registers a different layout.

2.  Limit Your Text

You’re probably already aware that images are one of your greatest assets in PowerPoint presentations. However, that doesn’t mean you should add them to large blocks of text. You should be using them as replacements, not augmentations. Never bog down your slides with excessive amounts of text.

3.  Say No To Transitions

Transitions may look nice when you’re fiddling with your presentation at home, but when actually put in front of a live audience, they tend to inspire frustration more than anything else. People are there for your information, not your special effects. Don’t force them to sit through lengthy transitions when they want data.

These are just a few useful secrets for creating a top-notch PowerPoint presentation. If you need additional assistance, you can also seek out professional PowerPoint specialists trained in design and visual flair.

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