December 17, 2017

3 of the Best Promotional Giveaways

The jury is in and the verdict states that people do indeed love receiving free stuff. This is why companies benefit from adding promotional giveaways to their marketing strategy. The best promotional giveaways are the ones that you can easily get into the hands of your clients, target audience and possible future customers. Best of all, competition within the giveaway manufacturing sector is stiff, so these items tend to be reasonably priced and if you order in bulk, additional discounts may be added.

Here are three of the best promotional giveaways a company can add to their marketing strategy.


Stickers are available in an array of sizes and cuts. From small stickers to decal stickers, set up is as easy as uploading a logo, selecting the sticker size and picking an order amount. Recipients of these stickers are often creative with the way they display them. Some like to stick them on their electronic devices, book bags or car windshields and when they receive custom bumper stickers, many will proudly display them on their car’s bumper. This is especially true during election season when constituents want to share with anyone who will catch a glimpse of their car the candidate(s) they support. For a company, this is ideal exposure because the promotional sticker is seen in traffic, parking lots and on the street.


Pens may be the most practical promotional item a company can giveaway. We may be living in an electronic world, but the sudden need to have a pen handy still has not disappeared. When these pens are utilized, customers are reminded that your company exists because they see your logo. The more often they see that logo, the more likely they will be tempted to head to your location and purchase a product or sign up for a service.

Key Chains

Promotional key chains are another great giveaway. Most people will access their keys at least once a day so they will see your logo at least that one time a day. Additionally, there are enough promo key chain variations that your target audience can enjoy. For example, aluminum bottle/can opener key chains are widely popular and practical as well as the carabiner key tag model.

Promotional giveaways are a worthwhile marketing investment companies make, and three of the best giveaways are stickers, pens and key chains.

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