December 18, 2017

3 Skyscrapers You Must Experience

Architecture has permeated humanity since the beginning, as our ancestors ventured outside their caves and begun to experiment with materials and fibres, culminating in the development of iconic ancient civilisations like the Romans, the Incans and the Egyptians. Though we’ve come a long way from the pointed peak of the Great Pyramid and the striking, marble wrought beauty of the Acropolis, the structural triumphs of man continue to stand alongside modern entries. But how do they measure up? Current building trends (from the early 1900’s) observe a push for the sky, as highrises defied the third story, thirty-third story, one hundred and sixty-third story, in a race to take out the tallest title in the world.

Who are the main contenders? Take a look.

Burj Khalifa

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Once known as the Burj Dubai, the Burj Khalifa is the latest gold medallist in a never ending, skyward competition, shining above the cityscape of Abu Dhabi. Completed in 2010, this architectural stalagmite of glass, windows and cold, steely engineering reaches a breathless 2,716ft and houses one hundred and sixty-three floors. You’d think they’d need more than a ladder and a whole lot of workplace safety to construct this modern marvel; and you would be right. The folk of the Emirates enjoy breaking records, as the Burj Khalifa breaks a few, including world’s fastest elevators, highest mosque, highest swimming pool, highest nightclub, and perhaps most charmingly, highest restaurant. Located on the 122nd floor, Atmosphere serves up a variety of gastronomic delights. Race you to the top! Hang onto tight to the hand railing.

Mecca Clock Tower

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More than just a monumental time piece, the Mecca Clock Tower in Saudi Arabia houses the largest hotel in the world. Reaching a very respectable 1,972ft, this complex is a record holder in its own right, exceeding Dubai International Airport in floor space, attracting the accolade of the most metres squared in the world. How big does a building have to be to do so? The Mecca Clock Tower has a total floor space of 1,500,000m2. Imagine being a floor cleaner! Connected by halls, walkways and wings, the Mecca Clock Tower attracts thousands of visitors a month.

Taipei 101 (World Financial Centre)

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The dethroned king of the heights, Taipei enjoyed official tall supremacy from its opening in 2004 until the Burj Khalifa stabbed it in the back in 2010. Standing at 1667ft, Tapei 101 looms over the commercial Xinyi District, a magnet for Eastern trading partners, Western investors and global business interests. There are a total of 106 floors (101 above ground level – as the name suggests) and the outdoor observation platform will provide a view that will have you clinging to the balustrade in rapt attention.

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