December 18, 2017

4 Easy Easter Crafts For Kids

Easter is one of my favorite occasions while growing up. I love coloring and decorating eggs. I love making baskets out of used newspapers which my siblings and I would paint in cute, pastel colors.

Easter is a great time for kids to let their artistic and creativity come alive through their lovely Easter creations. Here are some easy-to-make crafts for kids to enjoy. Just make sure you are there to supervise for the cutting. Have fun and decorate your place with these awesome kids’ creations!

Bunny Envelopes


What you’ll need:
Envelopes (you can choose pastel colored ones too!)
Pink construction paper
Colored Pencil
Bunny Ears template (you can get it here)

1. Seal the flap on the envelope and draw bunny ears on the sealed side. You can follow the template from

2. Cut along the lines through both layers of the envelope.

3. Flip the envelope over. The side of the envelope becomes the bottom of the treat holder.

4. Then cut out some pink construction paper and paste on the ears. You can draw eyes and mouth using the colored pencil. Stick a pom-pom for the nose.

5. Fill with Easter sweets and treats!

Peep Show
(From from Michael Partenio)

What you’ll need:

Lots of pastel colored jelly beans candy
Several Peeps Bunny or Chicks snacks
Egg holder or small glass or tea cup
Small flowers or blooms (optional)


1. Make sure that the egg holders are clean.

2. Fill with colorful jelly beans

3. Put Peeps on top as decor

4. Decorate with small spring blooms to add pizzazz!

5. Place on tables or window sill for effect

Muffin Cup Flowers

What you’ll need:

Muffin liners with patterns/decors (the colorful, the better!)


1. Cut the edges of the muffin liners in various shapes like scallops or zigzag.

2. Layer several muffin liners and glue together.

3. Glue button on the middle.

4. Paste on blank stock cards or tie on a string like banners and hang.

Tiered Egg Stand

What you’ll need:

2 pcs. Tissue roll cardboard tube
Disposable plate, saucer and bowl (for the tier stand)
Shredded papers
Water color paint


1. Glue the bottom of the disposable bowl to the bottom of the big plate, then glue the tube on the middle of the plate.

2. Glue the saucer on top of the tube and glue the remaining half tube on top of the saucer.

3. Paint some eggs with fancy designs and colors.

4. Put some shredded papers on the two plates.

5. Once the paint on the eggs are dry, arrange them on the tier and place in the dining table for decor.

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