December 18, 2017

4 Personality Types You May Want To Avoid In the Office

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Everyone likes to think that they are easy to get along with. However, if you’ve ever spent time working in a busy office, which I’m guessing most of you have, you’d know that this isn’t always the case. Every work environment possesses a myriad of personalities each different to the next. If, by chance you are reading this at work (on the sly I hope) take a look around the office at your co-workers. Can you categorise any of them into one of these personality types?

The Chatty Kathy

This co-worker super fun and bubbly – a real gem to be around. They always ask you questions about your life and seems genuinely interested in you. That is until a few weeks later and all those intimate details of what you got up to on the weekend have spread like wildfire around the office. Eeekk. There can only be one culprit – the chatty Kathy, otherwise known as office gossip. These people thrive in drama, and are prone to spreading lies or half-truths behind the backs of others. No information is safe and while you may be tempted to return the favour – watch out – they know how to play the game and have the ability to twist your words in ways you could have never imagined, causing co-workers to pick sides. Once management gets wind of your rift, there will be undeniable consequences mostly for you.

The Put Down Patrol

The put-down patrol is among the same species as the gossip, the only difference is, these people have no qualms about making digs to your face, and in a group situation. It might be an attack on your intelligence, your looks, how you handled a client or whether you suck up to the boss. If you call them up on it, their go-to response is just relax man, can’t you take a joke! Seriously, did we just teleport back to high school? Their comments can range from aggressive and intimidating to passive and underhanded.

The Delegator

You’re not really sure what this person’s job actually entails, mostly because they don’t seem to be doing any work at all. Your daily interactions involve them throwing a pile of folders on your desk and demanding a report via the Axcelerate CRM system by COB. All the while, they spend the day gasbagging with ol’ chatty Kathy near the water cooler. What makes the situation even worse, is that your boss is clearly wearing rose coloured glasses and believes that this guy has impeccable management skills. They will most likely be the next to be promoted.

The Ball Breaker

This person will stop at nothing to become the top dog, no matter how many people they squish along the way – probably including their own Mother. You’ll likely realise quite quickly that they are not team players and have the mentality of, it’s my way or the highway. They hate being knocked off their pedestal or being shown up by anyone else (intentional or not) and will likely make your job very difficult if you wrong them. They are often very charming due to their extroverted nature, but they are also low on the empathy charts and very high on the emotional stability one. Approach these people softly and be wary of their mind games.

What’s your work personality? Let us know in the comments below.

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