December 18, 2017

5 Countries Known for Their Sweets

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People all over the world love sweets. There is something deeply satisfying about eating a good dessert, a great chocolate or some delicious confectionary. Some people like sweets so much that they base their holiday plans around the birthplace of their favourite sweets. Here are a few ideas for those dedicated sweet tooths.

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Mumbai, India

India is famous for its food, but there is much more than curry on offer. India is famous for its amazing sweets and confectionary. The Hindustani word to describe these delicacies is mithai. Most Indian sweets are made from milk or mil products, condensed milk, sugar and are usually cooked by frying. Mithai are often served to celebrate very auspicious occasions in India, things like the birth of a child or getting a new job. Mithai are also given out at holiday times.

Some of the more famous Indian sweets are Barfi, made of condensed milk and ground pistachios or cashews; Chikki, a simple sweet made of peanuts, cashews and molasses; and Gulab juman, which consists of fried milk balls soaked in sweet rose-water syrup.

The Middle East

The Middle East is particularly famous for its amazing desserts. Who doesn’t like baklava? Or how many of us could refuse figs in warm syrup? Chocolate coated dates with coffee are another Middle Eastern favourite. For a more savoury sweet you could try Qatayef with Cheese; this delicious dessert is often served during Ramadan. Qatayef, or Arabic pancakes, are filled with sweet cheeses and nuts and then fried. Date nut bread is another favourite and can be eaten for breakfast with coffee. Middle Eastern desserts feature exotic dried fruits, fabulous syrups and are often deep fried.


The French are world famous for their pastries. You may well become addicted to pastries after spending any length of time visiting the amazing French patisseries that are everywhere in France. Patisserie shelves overflow with every type of pastry one can imagine, so you will never run out of choices. And these sweet treats work just perfectly with a hot cappuccino.

South Africa

South African desserts feature exotic fruit mixes – things like peaches, mangoes, apricots, citrus, grapes, pomegranates and melons. South African puddings are famed for being very, very sweet. Two of the most famous South African sweets are buttermilk pudding and apricot jam pudding. Sweet dumplings and coconut pies are other favourites, as are milk tarts, brandy tarts and the rum and raisin tart. Mouth-watering!


Italy is famous all over the world for its Gelato, a gorgeous frozen dessert made from milk rather than cream. It has less calories than traditional ice-cream and has less air whipped into it, making its’ flavour more intense.

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