December 17, 2017

5 Must-Haves For Your Kids’ Bedroom

When designing your kids’ bedroom it’s important to work with your child to create a room they love. Try to include elements that they won’t outgrow too quickly. A cutesy design may work for the moment but may need to be redone quite quickly.

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Quality Bedding

The biggest role of the bedroom is to provide a place for your child to sleep. Sleep is very important to your child’s health and general wellbeing. Buy bedding with natural fibres. Wool is a wonderful bedding material because of its insulation properties. It literally keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter. Children do not have the same ability as adults to adjust to temperature changes so wool is ideal for helping keep them at a comfortable temperature. Give your children the benefit of a good night’s sleep; click here to check out what specialty retailers like MiniJumbuk have available in woollen bedding.

A Place to Read

Cultivating a love of reading in your child will be of tremendous benefit to them. It will help them with their education and foster their creativity and imagination. Try creating a special space in their bedroom for reading. A reading nook is ideal. Make it cosy and comfortable; add a few great books, some beanbags or comfy scatter cushions. Sit and read with your child and pretty soon they will be using the nook independently.

Make the Walls Fun

Get creative with the walls in your kids’ room. Go all out to make this space colourful. Get your child to create some designs with pencil and pad and then implement them on the walls. Try stripes, spots or handprints. You can also buy blackboard paint and make one wall a blackboard where your child can get creative each day.

Name It!

Personalise your child’s room by adding their name to the décor. Start with a sign on their bedroom door featuring their name. You can paint their initials on the wall or perhaps create an embroidered wall hanging using their name.


Help your child create order in their bedroom by providing adequate storage for their things. Try to make sure that there is a place for everything. Encourage your young one to put things where they belong after they have finished using them. If they have Lego make sure they have a plastic bin or cane basket to store it. That way they can quickly and easily put it away. Having a place for things will keep your child’s room clutter-free and calm.

A Homemade Quilt

Another way to really personalise your child’s room is to create a homemade quilt. This might be the work of a crafty grandmother or perhaps something you and your child work on together. Making a patchwork quilt from odds and ends of material can be great fun and is easy sewing. Another idea is to try fabric pens and paints so your child can draw their own design on a plain doona cover.

Include some of these exciting elements in your child’s room and you will create a space where they can feel right at home. Involve them as much as possible in the design and creation of their bedroom décor and you will be on a winner.

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