December 18, 2017

5 Ways to Keep Your Things Safe While You're Away

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Going on holiday or getting away somewhere is your chance to relax and take a well-earned breather from the life at home. But you are not going to be able to really relax unless you are sure that everything at home is safe and sound. There are ways of preparing so that you have that peace of mind while you are away and here are 5 ideas for keeping your things safe while you are away.

Get Friends to House Sit

One way to make sure that your house and things are safe is to get friends or family to live in your home while you are away on holiday. Thieves will be less likely to go to a house that has people living in it than one that seems to have nobody around. For the price of having someone living in your home for a few weeks/months, you can have the peace of mind of knowing that your things are safe and sound with an eye being kept on them every day. Another great thing about this is that your friends or family member/s will have the opportunity to have a little holiday of their own as they stay in your house.

Store Them

If there are specific things that you are concerned about such as garden furniture, tools, personal items, or anything that you don’t feel safe leaving at your home unattended, hiring a storage unit could be just the thing that you need. A storage unit, such as the ones at Fort Knox Sunshine Coast can be any size from small to large and will be kept securely for you so you will be able to access them again when you need them.

Mail Collection

One thing that tells thieves that there is nobody home is the mail building up in the letterbox. Organising a mail collection, or redirection service through your local post office is one way of ensuring that this little clue is not available to would-be thieves who might be looking for a free ride. You could even get the mail redirected to a friends or families home and they can let you know if there are important letters that arrive while you are away. Alternatively get someone that you trust to go to your home regularly and collect the mail for you.

Stop the Newspapers

A pile of newspapers building up on the front lawn is another way that thieves might get the idea that there is a chance to steal some stuff, so make sure that you have your newspapers stopped for the time that you are away. If you are unable to do that, such as in the case of the freebie newspapers that are delivered weekly then ask a neighbour or someone you trust to pick them up for you and put them in the bin.

Lights on Timers

Having your lights on timers to come and on and off at certain times will give the illusion that there is someone in the house that is coming and going. The small effort that it takes to install some light timers could mean the difference between keeping your stuff safe and having a nasty surprise when you get home.

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