December 20, 2017
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A Beauty Bloggers’ Guide: Rearrange Your Beauty and Clothing Items

If the Kardashian sisters can do it, so can you – keep on organizing their closets and beauty supplies without ever bringing it to completion (seriously, who could ever finish organizing THOSE closets!).
In the world of fast fashion where a trend lasts shorter than a box of milk, it is not unusual for all of us to stock and restock our closets, each time promising to ourselves (and our banker) we will wear every single piece we’ve bought and won’t ever again go over the limit. Ha-ha, what a joke. But hey, as long as we’re thinking it – we might even get there at some point. Jokes aside, though – the truth is that all the makeup we buy, beauty products we own, the clothes, shoes, bags and accessories we pile up… they are all getting stocked up by the day, and it’s getting increasingly overwhelming.
Thinking you may be needing help organizing your things maybe, just as much as we do, we’ve put together a tutorial by scooping all the best advice from our favorite beauty bloggers. So, read below to get inspired (hint: most of the advice we’ve listed are DIY tips).

Candle holders or cute mugs for storage

If you want to have your brushes, eyeliner, lip pencils, brow pencils and other beauty supplies you use daily out in the open and within your reach, there’s nothing like an adorable (former) candle holder or your favorite decorative mug to use for storage. They look beautiful on display, they add a hint of creative charm into the mix and they are extremely practical. You can immediately see where’s everything at instead of spending too much time going through your makeup bag/box.

Spice rack for perfumes

Whoever thought a spice rack could be used for anything but… spice, right? Spice racks are super practical for all beauty packages you need to have at your immediate reach and don’t mind putting on display. Racks come in various designs, which is great for all the girls who like their storage space looking all polished up and pretty. Find a rack that goes well with the rest of your interior, line the perfumes on it, and let them sit there in all their glory.

Use a label marker

For all of you fashionistas who’ve got all the clothes in this world stocked up in your closets and yet – not enough closet space, a label marker (or a label writer as some call it) is the absolute best gadget to have on hand! All it takes is to physically go through your clothes (okay, yes, that IS the hard part) and separate it by categories: season, color, occasion, material, etc. Then, print out the labels using your Dymo LabelWriter 450 and tag all those in a sensible order. You can tag each hanger (outfit) or group and tag them – whatever makes more sense to you. You may even color-code! The idea of using these label writers is to have your clothes sorted out in a way you can reach them easily and ALWAYS know what is where. Sweet, right?

Store hair tools in a magazine file

Not many would remember this awesome trick but luckily someone has, and we stole it! Store your hair tools like a hair curler, hair straightener, hairspray and other hair supplies in a magazine file and keep it on your vanity or somewhere on the shelf. That way, it won’t take up much of your space and you’ll have it at your immediate reach whenever you happen to need it.


Something we should have mentioned at the beginning of this tutorial: before you even go into organizing, go through all of your things and make three piles: a) keep b) donate c) throw away. The “donate” pile doesn’t necessarily have to contain things that are totally racked; rather, they may be things you like but that just don’t fit anymore or don’t agree with your current style. The same applies to makeup. Once you’ve selected those, give them to your friends, cousins or whoever you know will gladly use them. You may even donate them to the girls in shelters! We realize this might not be a favorite tip to anyone who’s been obsessed with looking great and staying on top of the latest trends, but there are things you simply have to do – for your own mental health and, potentially, other’s benefit.

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