December 18, 2017

Avoid The Holiday Binge-Eating

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It’s party season and you may be one of those very sociable people who has so many invitations for holiday parties, Christmas parties, New Year’s Day parties and even your own family and friends’ circle parties. It cannot be avoided but you will be in one or many of those parties mentioned above. And you know what is in a party? Not just merriment and cheers but also loads of delectable food and tasty cocktails for you to eat and drink respectively.

Holiday season is one of the biggest pitfalls of those who are on diet or at least, trying to cut back on their calorie intake. It is quite a feat to stay in a healthy eating habit during this time because of the delicious temptations around. Do not worry! These simple tips will help you avoid the holiday binge-eating phenomenon.

Be conscious of the food you will eat

The holiday season is not your ticket to throw your proper eating habits to the wind.  There is nothing wrong about eating but try not to over-stuff yourself. Fill your plate with healthier selections like steamed vegetables, salads, roasted or grilled entrees and fruits as dessert.

Eat only what you can

While every dish on the table looks sumptuous, it does not mean you have to eat or taste all of them. If you are curious and just would like to have a bite, then get a small amount and not a plate-full.

Pick out the food that you want in very small servings

You have been making a beeline in the desserts section and been battling it out with your will-power to resist it. Hey, do not punish yourself as you will only make your cravings worse. Go ahead, pick a sliver of the pie or a very small serving of that yummy pudding but that is it.

Say not to second servings

So that roasted duck was tasty or that pot roast was divine and you think you didn’t even have enough serving. Stop right there. You have already eaten and do not even attempt to get a second serving. Move on to the healthier options of fruits and salad greens if you like to satisfy your craving.

Choose water or tea over cocktails or sugary juices

Drink plenty of water or sip hot tea instead of cocktails or sugary juices. Water does not contain sugar nor any bad calories so don’t pile those calories by drinking more bad drinks. Besides, it is nice to come home remembering what happened to that nice party than coming home drunk and waking up with a major hang-over.

The holiday season is a wonderful time to socialize, see old friends and get-together with families but it also means, you have to make healthier choices with your food selections come eating time. Don’t beat yourself up by not attending those parties because of your fear of binge-eating. Enjoy the moment but be responsible “eater” and “drinker.”

Have fun and enjoy the holidays!

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