December 18, 2017

Best Online Games for SAH Moms

Let’s get one thing clear – Stay at home mums are busy. In fact, they are very busy. However, everybody needs a little thrill during the day and if you’re at home rather than in the office, there is no reason why you can’t amuse yourself or relax with a great online game or two.
However, here are some great ideas to you started.  


  • The Hoff
Well, if you like the one and only David Hasselhoff, you will love this game. The Hoff’s winning smile among the thrill of slots is a winning production. The aim of this game from Betsson Casino is to uncover a winning combination of symbols when you spin the three reels on offer. In this case, land three grinning David Hasselhoff faces and you win. There are plenty of videos and bonus rounds to keep you entertained, too.    


  • Super Crate Box
OK, so this might not sound like the most advanced, high-tech game out there. In fact, it is a little retro. If you remember the classic game Donkey Kong, then you have a pretty good idea of what the layout looks like. And yet, Super Crate Box is also enormous fun to the point that it is addictive. Your mission is to stay alive as long as possible as you come under attack by monsters. However, this is a counter-intuitive game where instead of slaying monsters, your task is to stack as many crates as possible. You may find what appear to be useful weapons inside the boxes, but you will gain more points by not killing the monsters and angering them further. Sounds crazy? Possibly. Great fun? Certainly.


  • Wunderputt
Don’t let golf put you off.  Yes, this is a golf-based game but it is a more magical and enchanting interpretation of the game than you could possibly imagine. Wunderputt is not just a round of mini-golf. It is the ultimate mini-golf challenge played in a fantasy 3D world. The course just keeps on unfolding with inventive surprises along the way. Don’t be surprised if a rainbow turns into an obstacle on the course or if a space rocket appears and hinders your game. It is all part of the creative and imaginative fun of this delightful golf challenge.


  • The Wikipedia Game
Interested in trying something completely different? While most online games focus on fantasy and adventure, the Wikipedia Game is an entertaining and at times educational game of discovery. It is most certainly an addictive experience. The rules are simple, just Wiki yourself from one random given subject to another in as few steps as possible. You might for example start off with Mike Tyson and need to find your way to Scooby Doo. It is also quite a social experience with plenty of people taking the challenge at any one time. Enormous fun and you may learn something along the way!


  • Auto Club Revolution
You don’t need to be a petrol-head in order to love this game. Auto Club Revolution allows you to race cars or simply drive for pleasure using exceptional graphics. The range of luxury vehicles is huge, meaning that you can experience what it is like behind the wheel of the car of your dreams. You can also share the experience with a whole community of users, enhancing the experience even further. However, if you are into car mechanics, you can also give your chosen car a new look and tailor it to your exact preferences.

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