December 17, 2017

Christmas Gifts From My Husband

My husband knows very well, how much I love bags. Forget jewelries! Bags? Oh yes!

We went to the Coach boutique few days ago and I was really eyeing 2 bags that I like amongst the ones on display.  Both of them are great for my office attire and one is even ok to use along with casual getup. And I took one from the two thinking my budget was just enough for one and I was going to gift that to myself for Christmas.

So, hubby pretended to ask if the other one I was eyeing, a tan satchel Coach bag, was also nice. So I said yes and he took 3 other bags as well. I was thinking they would be gifts for some family members so I took the first bag I really like, another dark chocolate leather satchel. We both went at the till and next thing I know, he was paying for the bag I was going to buy for myself. And here’s the good part, he whispered, “That’s my Christmas gift to you.” One bag solved! Yes!

This is the dark chocolate brown leather satchel I chose for my Christmas gift to myself which hubby paid for.

Then few days have passed and I keep looking at that other tan satchel bag in his closet. I told him, if I could just buy it from him since I really, really love it. He kept saying “no, you have too many bags now.” So I’d shrug my shoulders and move on. Then yesterday, he caught me examining the bag and I teased him again if I could buy it. He asked, “Do you really like it that much?” Of course I said yes. And then he said, “Ok, that’s another Christmas gift for you.” Double whammy! Yes! Yes!

And this is the other tan satchel bag I like which hubby bought and later on, gave to me as Part 2 Coach bag gift. Wow! 2 Coach bags in a span of few days! I have to be good now because next year, I’ll ask for a Louis Vuitton. Hahaha!!!

You see, if you’re a nice person, you’ll be in Santa’s “good” list. *Smiles and winks!*

Thanks Honey! And I do hope you’ll like my gift too. I ordered it from the US. *Winks!*

Merry Christmas!

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