December 18, 2017

Clay Art – Care for some nice desserts?

Reposting because I was going through my daughter’s old artwork for her portfolio when she goes to college and this is what I found. She is very crafty! She had not done any clay art lately because she is busy with her school and other teen stuff. I hope she considers making some cute miniature clay art again. Maybe this time, it’ll be more elaborate.


This project was created by my daughter few months ago (May 2008). I happen to misplace the SD so was unable to upload the photos. It’s now available for viewing!

She used a normal modelling clay only; thus it’s not the baking kind.

Care for some desserts?

The Treats! Muffins, cakes, cereal, orange juice, pretzels, bowl of cookies, cheesecake, glazed donuts, plain donuts, cinnamon rolls and toasted breads with jam…

Bowl full of assorted cookies…yummy!

Easter Bunny cake

Google Cake

Wedding Cake with cake topper

Below is a closer look of the treats…

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