December 17, 2017

Coloured Wedding Gowns For A Spring Wedding

Is your concept of a wedding dress very conservative and traditional? Is white the only colour you will consider for your wedding? How about experimenting on coloured wedding gowns to add pizzazz on your ensemble?

I am an old school by heart but when I got married, I decided to take the different path with my wedding gown. I chose “ecru” as my wedding gown’s colour, along with the whole entourage. Why ecru? I love anything vintage and looking at the hue of ecru, it reminded me of the olden times and how classy it was to have a wedding gown with an off white colour.

Modern brides these days are embracing the concept of putting a little colour (and fun!) on their wedding gown. Some are even following bold colours to signify their personalities or favourite hues. However, I want to share some inspiration for coloured wedding gowns for future brides who are considering to embrace the not-so-traditional way of wearing any coloured wedding gown for their own wedding.

The coming spring brings freshness and lightness to our lives after a long, dreary winter.  It is a beautiful way to incorporate any pastel hue to a wedding gown to bring that feeling and look of freshness and brightness that the spring season elicits.

Here are some inspirations to choose from if you are planning to wear a coloured wedding gown. These are light coloured, pastel tones to use for your gown or even just add some to your dress to bring the spring-like season in your ensemble. You can always go a shade deeper if you prefer darker, bolder tones. However, if you are into the relaxed and chill side of dressing up, the lighter hues of spring will be a good choice. Usual colours associated with spring are pastel tones like light green, apple green, mint green or blue, periwinkle blue, sky blue, baby pink, lavender or lilac, light yellow, ivory and even the Pantone colours of 2016 which are Serenity and Rose Quartz.

Mint wedding gown

Pale Sky Blue wedding gown

Blush Pink wedding gown

Traditional white wedding gown with lilac flower accessories

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