December 18, 2017

Contemplating On Selling My Sims 2 Game CDs

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Have I told you how addicted I was with the Sims games that I have almost all of the cds and extension packs?  Now, I am contemplating of selling my old favorite PC cds for a price.

I bought them when Sims 2 was released and also purchased the extension packs thereafter. I got hooked with the Sims game simply because it was fun and very engaging. I felt like I own that community where my Sims characters were and that I could do whatever I wished to happen. It was like playing “god” in an amusing way. I remember not sleeping over the weekend just to play Sims. That was how hooked I was with the simulation game. Things change as you get older because those favorite Sims PC games cds I have are just gathering dusts in my bookshelf. I feel bad about it but I am really deliberating on the idea of selling them and save the money for my daughter’s college fund. I know the amount won’t be much but at least there will be proceeds of the sale to augment the savings.

I know other people will still enjoy this game the way it gave me fun and excitement. It’s about time I let someone take hold of my precious Sims 2 PC games cds so at least I won’t be feeling bad leaving them in my bookshelf for many years. Games such as Sims 2 will be a good collection for those who loves simulator games.

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