December 17, 2017

Cool Summer Footwear

It is becoming undeniable here in the Middle East that summer is upon us. The wind blows very hot and dry. The next thing we know is that we are sweating profusely. We are sure that this year’s summer will be hotter than ever.

We won’t let the heat beat us down! No we won’t! We can enjoy summer without feeling too hot and sweaty on casual days. So, dress lightly and also upgrade your footwear to something that will allow air to circulate to prevent moisture/perspiration build-up.

Here are some top summer footwear to have this season:


Kids' Flip Flops - Black

The ubiquitous flip flops never go out of style. It is the norm in resorts, on lazy weekends with family and friends, and for some hip people who just love to let air flow around their feet area. I can’t blame them because the flip-flops are one of the best summer footwear to wear to feel and look so cool! This Kids’ Flip Flops – Black is a classic example.

Huaraches and other sandals

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Huarache is a type of a sandal made in Mexico. The huaraches are handwoven leather straps stitched on thin wooden soles, some on woven string soles.  Huarache is also translates to sandal in English.


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These are beautiful canvas shoes made of cotton fabric and jute rope soles. They originated from Spain. It is a lightweight footwear. I remember wearing this when I was younger. I really love this type of footwear.

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