December 17, 2017

Cool Toys of 2015

This year has been the year of many ingenious creations in the toy industry.  Many toy manufacturers came up with very innovative, sleek designs and highly entertaining toys for the kids of the Millenia. Others created toys that will engage a kid to a playful creativity while other toy manufacturers made toys suited for all ages and are gender neutral. Many also created toys that link to the ubiquitous tablets and smartphone gadgets that people of all ages can play with even on the go. While other toys that are already in market experienced some genius reinvention, other toy makers created toys out of the famous movie characters we are following in the movies and even in the TVs. It is a smorgasbord of cool toys presented in the Toy Fair.

The Toy Fair held last February brought many toy manufacturers, reviewers, fans, families, and kids all over to witness the unveiling of the newest, coolest, and smartest toys in 2015. Here are some of the toys in the Toy Fair that are really making a name in the market. Even Forbes took note of some of them.

Roominate rPower

This is a very cool toy for kids. Even adults can enjoy this one. I am already imagining myself creating cool houses for my Sylvanian Family toys with Roominate rPower.

What’s so cool about this toy is that, kids are encouraged to create their own rooms or even houses and buildings that they can install with working lights! The toy maker behind this construction toy has installed circuitry in every toy pieces that can be connected with a bluetooth for them to work. The circuitry can be manipulated through smartphones using either Android of iOS.

Cool right?


CogniToys Dino

It’s not Barney but it’s a Dino nonetheless! This cute and green Dino can smartly interact with kids. This project came to life through Kickstarter funding and created by Elemental Path.

This Dino toy can answer kids’ questions and stores information in a cloud. Many parents are wary about the safety of storing information in clouds that can be hacked but the benefits outweighs the cons of this darling of a Dino toy.  The CogniToys Dino can help children with speech impediments and even autism. This toy is available for pre-order at the company’s Kickstarter page:

ThinkFun Compose Yourself

This toy is very awesome and list high in the skills and creativity category because it can tap the hidden talents of kids who loves music and may even be young virtuosos!

It contains 60 transparent music sheets that kids can combine and make their very own music out of them. Then they can use a computer program to hear their composition performed by famous musicians or play it themselves.

This toy was created by Phillip Sheppard, a composer and cellist.

Three Little Piggies

This cute toy is perfect for the pre-schoolers as they learn how to solve problems while enjoying their game. Parents will be happy with this game because it enhances a child’s problem solving skills and memory recall. Aside from that, who can resist these 3 cute piggies? Time to save them from the big, bad wolf!

For more information about this game:

Grow and Glow Groot

Now, it’s time to teach kids to plant and nurture them. Marvel has come up with a very eco-friendly toy that will engage kids to take care of plants. It is not suited for kids under 3 due to small parts that can cause choking and hazard but the older kids can enjoy their plants and watch them grow.

Groot actually glows too when you switch the lights of due to its luminous attributes.

(All photos are not mine and due credit is given to their owners.)

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