December 18, 2017

Creative Bollards: Revamping The Way Bollards Look

Do you wonder what those metal or concrete posts obstructing the driveways, parking lots, building entrances and public sidewalks are called? They can be called metal or concrete posts but the correct term for those small structures are bollards.

Bollards can be made of various materials like concrete, timber, iron, steel, stainless steel, polyurethane and ferrocast. It can also look like the common and ubiquitous cylindrical post that juts out on the pavement, looking very bland and uninteresting.

I have seen many bollards in various cities and they all look boring. These small obstructions need not be simple or lacking the flair it should have because it can also pique the interests of passersby, especially if you are a business owner who has bollards installed in front of your store.

Some very creative and enterprising businesses, schools and communities have installed bollards that are not only used to protect the perimeter but also to provide amusement and added drama to an architectural edifice.  However, some bollards are just artistically designed and manufactured to make the community more aesthetic. Here are some creative and artful bollards installed in various cities around the world.

Paris, France

These collection of “Angry Lego” bollard art will be installed in Gallery Joseph in Paris this month until 22 December. This collection is the artistic work of an artist by the monicker of Le Cyklop.

The second and third pictures are another collection of Le Cyklop. They are installed all over metropolitan Paris. Photos below are credited to The Cyklop.

CartoonStreet by The cyklop / Rue René Goscinny, Paris 13e / Photo © The cyklop
The cyklop 2013 / Passage de la Gare in Aulnay-sous-Bois
Cardiff City Centre, UK
The photo below is an bollard art installation by Jane Edden called Post Secrets.  This bollard is different from the rest as you can view the artwork from a tiny peephole. Several of this public art installation are around the Hayes and St. David’s shopping areas. Stickers are well placed to encourage people to look inside and see the art from within. Photos below are credited to Jane Edden and

Geelong Foreshore, Melbourne, Australia
These colorful and really apt bollard art installation on Geelong Foreshore bring more color and fun to the beach area. The bollards have been painted and they are donning swimwear with head caps. They surely make a good photo op for beach goers. 

Photo credit:

Glasgow, Scotland

These colorful and very vibrant bollards with mosaic ceramic tiles are found in Glasgow, Scotland. The bollard with a witch and a broomstick make a good Halloween prop.

Photo credit: Owner-Allan Campbell/Kentigern Flickr/ taken from

Singapore City, Singapore

These cute Minions bollard art are created by Ernest Zacharevic as commissioned by most private owners. His works can be seen around Victoria Street in Singapore.

Photo credit:

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