December 17, 2017

Cube Review

I don’t have any gadget at home nor in the office where I can display my social photos or stream from my Instagram account. So, I grabbed the opportunity when it arose to review the Cube product.

I received the Cube from Konnect Labs today and instantly opened the box to see what it looks like. I’m pleasantly surprised because looking at the photos in the internet, it looked small but when I actually held it, it’s big, about 7.5 in height x 7.5 in wide x 2.5 in thick.

I examined the product carefully and couldn’t resist being amazed by it because it’s like the Instagram logo n the flesh sans the camera.  It’s so cute that I liked it right away, aesthetically.

Then, the amazement didn’t stop there. I charged it, setup the settings and synced it with my Instagram to start streaming photos from there. And voila! I now have my very own Cube that displays photos I have been uploading in Instagram.

The Cube boasts of many features such as:

Portable and wireless
Update-able with the latest built-in software
Touch screen/display
Socially connected to Instagram via sync setting

Has a “Favourite” button on the top so when you see a picture you like in the feed, you can instantly like it from the Cube

Realtime and instant – as soon as you posted something in Instagram, the Cube picks it up instantly and displayed in realtime.
Also plays video from Instagram

768 x 768 LCD
4 hrs. battery life depending on usage
Rechargeable li-ion battery
Wi-fi 802.11 b/g/n
Built-in speaker
3.5 mm audio output

What I like:
Everything in the features of this cute Cube.

What I don’t like:
No settings for brightness/contrast

$149 US

White, Black and Classic (with the iconic coloured-stripes like Instagram)

Where to buy:
You can buy this cute and certainly a wonderful gift idea this Christmas from:

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