December 18, 2017

Daily Giveaway Of Jaybird Earphones And Headphones For Those On The Go

A headphone is one of the accessories of most fitness, outdoors and health enthusiasts. Why you might ask? It is because of the fun factor and engaging session it brings when one indulges in health and fitness regime. They say, music plays an integral role in making the workout effective and using a pair of earphones and listening to your favorite workout tunes heightens the intensity of the workout.

Sometimes, there are just some types of earphones and headsets that just does not work out with your fitness sessions. Some have those little rubber ends that just cannot fit into your ears as well as those nasty little wires that get tangled up in your arms and cling to you when you sweat. Wouldn’t it have been nice to have a workout session without those things happening? Well, Jaybird has managed to accomplish just that feat.

From a wide range of headsets to earphones, bluetooth to properly fitted micro-buds, Jaybird has given us the best solution there is to those pesky problems. Imagine a bluetooth headphones or earphones when you are exercising or doing your usual run outdoors. It will be nice to be able to move freely without those tangling wires, right? Not to mention, top-notch sound quality to boot.

Aside from the high-quality materials used to make the Jaybird earphones, there are various modern designs to choose from that will best fit your workout style and outdoor use. The designs alone are standout. They look very sleek and contemporary without being too intrusive or bulky to make the wearer uncomfortable with ill-fitting wares.

Jaybird not only offer state-of-the-art headphones and earphones, some of the Jaybird products you will also find in the site are the following:

  • BlueBuds x Bluetooth Buds
  • Freedom Sprint Bluetooth Buds
  • Freedom Bluetooth Buds
  • Sportsband Bluetooth Headphones
  • Bluetooth Adapter for iPod
  • Universal Bluetooth Adapter
  • Accessories/Replacement Parts

These high-quality earphones and headphones are not only meant for listening music. They can also be used for calls and high-security activities used by multi-corporations all over.  It is also compatible with almost anything like all the iPod, iPhone and iPad series, Android/Windows/Blackberry phones, Moto Actv wrist-worn sports MP3 player and GPS device, PC, Mac and gaming devices. If you are unsure whether the Jaybird headphones or earphones will be suitable for your device or gadget, you may always check in the website and ask from their live support for more information.

Now they are giving you the chance to win a pair of your own in their daily draws. As you are reading this post, there is a lucky winner out there who just won a pair to call their own and the next one could be you! And they are giving you the once in a lifetime chance to grab a set to own for free.

Head on to Jaybird, take your pick! You can also select various types of earphones and headphones you can purchase for your family and friends as gifts for special occasions.

Please join the daily giveaway too by filling “floating form” that will pop on the lower right side of my blog.  Alternatively, you may visit their site if the form does not load here.


Please wait for it to load and fill the required info so your entry will count. You may enter the  draw daily for more chances of winning!

Open to US/Canada residents only and must be 18+ to enter. No purchase necessary to enter the draw. Terms and conditions apply.

Good luck!

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