December 17, 2017

Dealing with Hypertension

It’s been several years since I was diagnosed with hypertension. I was not even 40 then. Lifestyle and bad eating habits and not to mention genetics have all played a big role in this condition that I rue to have today. Mostly, it’s also because I haven’t exercised when I used to, not eating very well and more importantly, I just didn’t give much attention to my health when I should.

I have been on sick leave for 2 days now. I have mostly utilized my sick leaves for the current year and we just entered September. I don’t know what repercussions this will bring to my career but I have to listen to what my body is telling me – I need a rest. I need a break. I need a vacation from the craziness of work, problems and blogging.

Hypertension is also a tricky condition. One moment you’re all normal and then it shoots up like a rocket ship. Since Saturday, I was feeling dizzy and nauseated. My blood pressure gauge is broken so I couldn’t take a proper reading for my pressure but I suspected that it was my BP that was causing my on and off migraine for the past few weeks. So I decided to go to the doctor yesterday, once and for all and have scheduled a blood chem (the whole nine yards!) to see what was wrong again. My suspicion was laid to rest when the reading came out for my BP. It was very high. The diastolic is more than the normal. A normal reading for adults is around 120/80. Mine was way over that and scary for a small built like myself.

The doctor scheduled me for a blood chem this morning so I am off again. I don’t feel dizzy as I was the past few days but I am certainly very hungry due to the fasting. NO water, NO solid food until my blood is drawn and then back to the doctor again tonight for the reading. I pray and hope I didn’t have other issues to deal with my health. I’m scared. My family has a history of maladies that contributed to poor health. But the doctor said, there’s one thing I can do – lose weight. This time, I’m listening. I’m listening really, really good.

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