December 18, 2017

Deeply Saddened About The Aftermath of Super Typhoon Yolanda

I don’t know where to being as I try to write this post. I’ve watched the news only last night and looked at photos of the aftermath of the world’s strongest typhoon ever recorded that battered my home country, the Philippines.

It pains me to see young kids, wet, hungry and confused. It wretches my heart to know so many people lost their lives and many more missing. I cannot fathom the feeling of seeing so much destruction caused by a singular event in a span of few hours. It is okay to lose the material stuff but what about the lives lost?

I wasn’t able to sleep well last night thinking of all those bad things.  Many thoughts crossed my mind about why the Filipinos have to go through another deadly calamity when just few weeks ago, we dealt with a strong earthquake that claimed lives.

How much more calamities do we have to endure to say, enough is enough? Who are we to say that?

If only the corrupt officials used their ill-gotten wealth to build stronger infrastructure and dedicated state-of-the-art warning devices then at least, all our taxes were used for the betterment of these corrupt officials’ constituent. But it’s never the case. I don’t think the government will ever learn. Get the billions of pesos squandered by Napoles and give it back to my countrymen!

I’m just angry, sad and really upset with everything that my countrymen is going through. I know I can only offer my prayers and donations at this point but I hope, my prayers and the millions more of people who pray with me that my countrymen will rise above all these. I pray that there will be no more calamities like this that will claim innocent lives. God spare the innocent…

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