December 18, 2017

Dubai Jazz Festival 2014

It will be Dubai Jazz Festival next month and the international acts are Santana, Jamie Cullum, The Wanted, Colbie Caillat, and Stone Temple Pilots. Amazing talents, right?

We’ve missed last year’s Dubai Jazz Fest with the Script and One Republic as few of the main acts. And this year, we may not be able to watch since the tickets (at least the cheaper ones) are sold and we will be on leave too. I am not sure if next year, I can free my February just so I can watch these famous acts perform live in Dubai.
I can already imagine their bands and entourage with the high tech and professional 

access keyboard, guitars and drum sets they will all be setting up in few days. The Dubai Jazz Fest is in full swing and I hope that I can watch it next year. I really do!

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