December 18, 2017

Electric Bass

Not everyone listens to the same beat as others. I for one am I big example of this. Surely, I have my own fancies for music but, when it comes down to the technical stuff, my mind suddenly flies off elsewhere and refuses to understand the lingo.

That also applies to the instruments themselves. I have a limited knowledge about them so I started looking them up, in case in the near future I would want to learn how to use one. But first I would need to know what I wanted. And a bass seems like a good one…if I was left-handed. Sadly, I’m good ‘ol righty.

From what I’ve seen and heard, fender electric basses are a good choice. And the quality are top-notched. The big musical names aren’t just for show. Take the Reggie Hamilton Standard Jazz Bass. Made for precision, excellent tone, gorgeous looks and an easy feeling to it. The specs for it are quite amazing as well. And that’s only one of them.

Surely, there are more from Fender, and they’re for a wide range of musical geniuses out there. To the frets, fingerboards all the way to tuners, they give you the best of the best. All in top form for the soon to be virtuosos of this century.

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