December 18, 2017

Expanding Your Family? Start Preparing Your Home Now & Save Time

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So, your family is expanding. Perhaps you are having a baby or have adult children who are moving back home or even elderly parents that need to move in. Things are about to change and it’s a good idea to prepare your home for the new arrival/s ahead of time. While you might need more space to house an expanded family, very often it’s not practical or economical to consider moving house but there are some steps that will help create more space and save time and stress later.

Where to Put Them?

The first decision you will need to make is where you will put your new arrival/s. If you have a spare room then obviously you can turn this into a nursery or a bedroom. This is the easiest option, but if you do not have a spare room you will need to think a little more laterally. While a baby can be put in your room or even in a small corner of another room, adult family will be harder to manage. You may need to consider converting your garage into a bedroom or splitting a larger room with the help of screens or curtains to create a private space.


Your family will need, at the bare minimum, a bed and somewhere to keep their clothing. Your choice of design will depend on the amount of room you have. For ideas and also measurements and other specifications, check online at A bit of research now will a save you lots of stress later.

It is helpful to provide somewhere for your new arrival/s to place their smaller bits and pieces. A dresser top, some shelving or a small table will suffice. The reason this is so important is that it will help keep some order in your home and make your new house member feel like they belong. Try and utilise something you already have to save money.


Providing the person with their own bed linen and towels will make them feel welcome and cared for. Supply a few nice fresh towels, a face washer, hand towel and for a nice touch, add some pretty soaps and personal care products. If you don’t have adequate linen you will need to purchase it. Again, it is better to do this ahead of time than be rushing around at the last minute. Your new arrival/s will also feel more welcomed if you are prepared for them.

Let them Personalise their Space

It is really important to allow your family member to personalise their space. Be a bit flexible here. Take down any existing paintings on the walls in their space so they are free to put up pictures to their own taste. Clear off your ornaments from surfaces in their space so they will have room to place their own precious bits and pieces. Giving someone space to put a little bit of themselves will make them feel very much at home and welcomed.

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