December 18, 2017

Fancy Things To Buy At Oddity Store

I have an affiliate Oddity Online shop and I am happy to tell you that we are running a 3-day FLASH SALE from 25  to  27 February 2014! You will have a discount of 35% from any purchase of $35 and above.

Here are some items you can grab from Oddity and be sure to avail of the 3-day Flash Sale promo for more savings!

These items are unique, beautiful and so affordable. Why don’t you pick your favorite items now while they are on sale?

4″ X 8″ Bamboo Lantern

As sturdy as beautiful, gorgeous bamboo home accents pay tribute to Asian inspired home accents. This handsome lantern (including a glass insert for a candle) will add designer style to indoor or outdoor decor.

 photo 2820.jpg

8″ Oversized Decorative Rattan Ball

Positively oversized and positively fabulous. Bigger is better with oversized decorative rattan balls. Add some class and style to any special space in your home. 

 photo 1956.jpg

White Wash Finish Ceramic Bird Basin

The country chic look adds character and charm to any occasion. Our fabulous ceramic collection features substantial pieces that are as beautiful as they are functional. Two darling birds take center stage for this basin that creates an original catch all for keys, change, etc. as well as a fabulous candle holder.

 photo 4228.jpg

3″ Mum and Zinnia Candle Ring

Cheery pink and dazling yellow flowers accented with the perfect purple and green hues makes this series one of the best ways to welcome warmer weather. The sensational mum and zinnia blossoms will warm your surroundings and make your living space more homey.

 photo 4899.jpg

13″ Glass Oil Lamp With Wick

Oil lamps are perfect for adding candlelight to any occasion inside or out. Fill the bottom with decorative stones to add a decorative touch to a functional lamp. 7″, 10″ and 13″ heights are availalbe and look great displayed together. 

 photo 3504.jpg

Hexagonal Shaped Terrarium Glass With Lid

Creating a terrarium is a decorative way to bring the outside in throughout the entire year. This 5″x 9″ Hexagonal triangular shaped glass vase with glass lid is the perfect vessel. Its six sided shape allows viewer to enjoy the terrariums many different angles.

 photo 4671.jpg

6.75″ Vintage-Style Colored Glass Bottle and Cork

Remember when ornate bottles filled with toiletries, lotions and scented water used to line ladies’ dressing tables? This was the inspiration for the colors and styling of this fanciful bottle collection. Bottle includes cork lid. Display a single flower, use as a taper holder or include in a grouping to enjoy a timeless style today and everyday. A great gift idea. Assorted colors.

 photo 4678.jpg

White Lighthouse Lantern 6″x18.5″

Function turns into fashion with this stylish 6″ x 18.5″ white lighthouse lantern. The classic design of this lantern will fit perfectly into any decor. Set on a table or hang from a hook, use inside or out, however you choose you will enjoy its functional beauty. Use a traditional wax or battery operated candle. Get creative and place collectibles or other accent pieces inside!

 photo 4919.jpg

Warming Scents Terra Coco Beach

Warming Scents Terra is a fabulous, long lasting, cost effective, flameless fragrance product designed to use with electric warmers. Simply sprinkle a small amount in your warmer to fragrance a small room, add more for a larger room. Terra is made from a renewable plant matter so it’s earth friendly, too. Terra is available in 20 highly concentrated fragrances. Each package offers 240 hours of adjustable fragrance. 

 photo 103.png

This is the link for my Oddity Store. Shop now!

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