December 18, 2017

Fashion Statement From My Daughter's Point Of View

Well, I have allowed my daughter to tell me what she feels about my being a fashionista and how I try to influence her. Here are her own opinions about fashion and how she sees it.

“I’m not exactly a fashionista, but I know my mother is. I’m the “whatever-feels-comfy-is-alright-for-me” kind-of person. Well, that was before I stepped into my 15th year, where the thing called “fashion conscience” came into existence.

I began to have slight doubts about how I dressed myself, occasionally. Sometimes, I’d ignore it but sometimes it just peters me like a fly. So on a whim, I decided to give the thought a chance. And I was okay with it. But it became more of a big deal for my mom than it was for me whenever I go out with friends in my school, well, since yeah. There are guys and girls there.  And every time she finds out I’d be going out with friends (and that includes guys), she makes it a bigger deal by ransacking my/her closet, using her ‘fashionista’ senses and picks out her delighted set just for me.  Though, when she found out about Zalora, an online shop in the Philippines, she took things up to a different level.

I have been asking for  Sperry top-sider shoes for sometime now and I’m glad I checked Zalora because if my mom finds out that I am putting an effort to give in to her fashion sense, she’ll be happy. I like being dressed by mom though. Please don’t get me wrong. There are just times and that is MOST OF THE TIME where I prefer my casual self than my dressed-up self. My mom gets that and I know she means well.  I think she’s just preparing me for the real world when I start going to college next school year. And I think that’s awesome of my mom to do that for me.”

Well, what can I say. My daughter couldn’t have said it any better! I’m a happy mom.

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