December 18, 2017

Finding The Best Possible Engagement Ring

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Finding the right person to spend your life with was the hard part. Finding the right engagement ring can prove much simpler. There are many factors that go into selecting an engagement ring, from the color to the cut and the style. Knowing the choices available to you will make it easier for you to find the best possible engagement ring.


The first factor to consider when picking out a ring is the shape of the stone. Many people have preferences about which stone they prefer, so asking your fiancee will help you in this crucial decision. There are several shapes to choose from. Round stones are the most commons shape and the majority of diamond rings have round diamonds. Emerald cut stones are clarity enhanced and have a rectangular shape that give off an elegant appearance. Princess cut stones have extra radiance and brilliance and are gaining popularity in the engagement ring arena. Stones also come in pear, diamond, round and oval shapes.


Once you have settled on a shape, you can choose the best setting for your ring. There are several to choose from, and some work best with specific types of stones. Three-stone settings and baguettes are popular, with many people choosing multiple stones for their rings. Channel rings, in which a cluster of stones are bunched together to form a solid circle of stones, are also gaining in popularity.

Buying Methods

Some couples choose to shop for engagement rings together. This eliminates any confusion about whether you are getting a ring that your fiancee will love. It also destroys the element of surprise and the joy of knowing that you selected the perfect ring that you knew she would love.

If you do choose to surprise your fiancee, take steps to figure out what style suits her best. You can find out whether she likes yellow gold or white gold, large diamonds or small stones. You can do a little digging and ask her friends and family, or simply look through her jewelry box to get an idea of her taste. Make sure anyone you talk to knows that you are trying to keep your ring buying a secret.

Buying an engagement ring is a pivotal moment in many men’s lives. There are many choices when it comes to selecting the right ring, and there are many options for a dazzling ring. Find your best engagement ring today.

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