December 19, 2017

Focus on You This New Year: 4 Tips For Feeling Better in 2018

Self-confidence and positive body image are cornerstones of a healthy life. They’re also two things people struggle with most often when making decisions that will enable them to live healthy, fit lifestyles.

The holidays are a time of year when personal fitness is at the forefront of everyone’s minds. With the New Year’s resolution rush right around the corner, many flock to the gym… but few stay thanks to a number of different reasons. In fact, according to the New York Post, almost half of all Americans will cancel their gym membership by the end of January.

So, how do we fight the post- New Years funk?

By finding simple, everyday ways to fall in love with our bodies.

Confidence in any area hinges on our ability to see ourselves as we really are- superstars with the potential to achieve any goal we set our minds to. But getting to a place where we feel comfortable in our own skin takes a lot of time. It helps to have coping strategies like the ones below:

Enlist a buddy (there’s an app for that).

If you feel isolated or lonely at the gym, enlist a friend to keep you more accountable! And speaking of buddies, it might surprise you to know that one has been in your pocket all along. Smartphones make life easier in so many ways, so it makes sense that that there would be a whole world of fitness apps out there to help us towards that goal. For some people, fitness apps like Aaptiv, which have a specific audio coaching component, have been shown to be as motivating as having a real life gym buddy talking you through your workout.

Treat the gym like a spa.

Sounds weird, right? But, if Terry Crews said it, it must be true! Boiled down, he says that going to the gym has to feel good. Even if you just go to the gym and sit, observe, read a magazine, or hit the sauna, you’re still going. The habit of just showing up is what’s important- if you have fun, you’ll continue to go.

Invest in your confidence.

A great outfit goes a long way towards improving confidence! Skeptical? Take it from Professor Karen Pine, whose book Mind What You Wear researched how a person’s attire impacts their confidence level. Clothing affects a person’s mental processes and perception, and that means what we wear is a reflection of how confident we are about ourselves. So.. buy those new running sneakers. Wear that dress you’ve had in the back of your closet. Get ready for a happier you as you become what you wear.

Mindfulness Matters.

One of the biggest wellness trends in recent years has been a shift towards, yoga, meditation, and other practices. There’s an increasing realization of the correlation between emotional wellbeing and physical health. In an era filled with digital clutter and noise, apps like Insight Timer, Omvana, and The Mindfulness App are helping to combat modern issues like anxiety and depression.

At the end of the day, confidence isn’t as much an attitude as a way of viewing the world. By making small, everyday changes that focus on positive thinking and self-empowerment, we can fall more easily into patterns of behavior that are far healthier. Even if that means sitting down at the gym and reading a book, or making plans with a friend, it’s a surefire way to ensure your goals don’t get left behind in the New Year.
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