December 18, 2017

Get Enough Sleep with Black Out Pinch Pleat Curtains

Blackout curtains are designed to meet the physical requirement of people who hardly sleeps at night. If you work as a call center agent, a nurse or a policeman, sleeping during daytime is like hell though your eyes are drowsy. The noise produced by a running automobile, barking dogs and yells from your neighbor’s children are the number one causes of insomnia. But the light coming from your window is one factor why you can’t sleep.

Ordinary curtains cannot help in blocking the light to your room. Thanks to the manufacturers who designed the black out pinch pleat curtainswhich have helped people working in shift to sleep during daytime. These curtains are made of black out fabrics of high quality thread count to ensure that they block unnecessary light. The curtain fabrics are thick and heavy duty that are commonly used in hospitals so patients are not deprived of quality sleep.

Hotel rooms hang the black out pinch drapes in their rooms so that guests can sleep well while having their grand vacation. The ideal colors for black out pinch pleat curtain panels are dark such as black, navy, and latte to turn the room into total darkness. With black out pinch pleat drapes, sleep deprivation is no longer a problem as it helps you lull to sleep in a room with 100% darkness. Instead of hanging blinds on the window, the curtains block the light because the fabric is highly formulated for this purpose.

Media and entertainment rooms are adorned with these curtains to discourage the light from making distraction during movie viewing. To ensure you of quality sleep, choose a black out pinch pleat curtains that have three layers and backing made of acrylic foam to counter the sun rays. Take note that once your eyes have seen the light, they will become active and sleeping is no longer possible. Make sure that the curtains are fully closed once you arrived from your graveyard shift so you can sleep soundly.

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