December 17, 2017

Get Kids Outdoors Again With A Smart Trampoline

If you’re considering a new trampoline for your backyard, it is important to consider your child’s safety. According to a study by Spine Universe, most trampoline injuries occur on trampolines purchased for home usage. The classic design of a trampoline simply doesn’t protect against common injuries sufficiently. But one father and mechanical engineer decided that trampolines need not be unsafe for children, and set about to design, patent, and manufacture a safe trampoline alternative. Not only does this new trampoline design improve safety, but it is also the world’s first safe trampoline, leveraging digital game technology to get kids outdoors and embracing an active lifestyle.

Safer Design

Springfree Trampoline is an industry-leading manufacturerthat has been dedicated to reimagining the traditional design of trampolines for over 10 years — ensuring greater safety features and removing potentially threatening components and replacing them with jumper-friendly alternatives. More specifically, these trampolines are designed to reduce jumper contact with the 3 most common impact zones of traditional trampolines: the springs, the metal frame and the ground — where a trampoline with net enclosure is always a preferred option.

The design of these new trampolines effectively removes the possibility of pinching and other injuries caused by springs as they are removed and replaced by lighter and stronger composite rods that are located beneath the jumping surface to ensure that kids never come into contact with them. Traditional trampolines are constructed with dangerous metal frames surrounding the jumping area itself, putting jumpers into danger because of the close proximity, but the Springfree design removes this danger by placing the frame beneath the jumping surface. As a further improvement, the net enclosures of traditional trampolines utilized rigid steel poles to hold the nets in place, which could cause additional injury to jumpers that come into contact with them. These new trampolines come equipped with a FlexiNet that uses flexible poles to absorb the energy from the bouncers to reduce injury. Combined with the shock absorbent SoftEdge mat, these trampolines create a 360 degree sphere of fun which kids can enjoy safely.

A Smarter Trampoline

Springfree models also feature the very first integration of smart technology with trampolines. This company has partnered with tgoma in an effort to encourage kids to become more active outside. The tgoma game design promotes active screen time by providing kids and adults alike with a unique outdoor digital game experience offering an effective physical workout. In fact, according to Ezine Articles, a Nasa study found that “rebounding on a trampoline is 68% more effective than jogging”. Not only a digital experience, the tgoma system allows users to participate in competitions, track activity, set goals and much more. This integration actually won them a 2016 Digital Design award at the Australian Good Design Awards. 

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A Better Choice

With this much safer trampoline design and the fact that tgoma promotes active screen time, parents and children can finally agree on a trampoline that ensures both safety and fun. Additionally, Springfree Trampoline manufactures all of its trampoline parts inside one facility, with no outsourcing of construction, to ensure all of parts are of the highest quality and standard. The best trampoline companies receive the backing of industry awards, such as The Parent Tested Parent Approved Award and The US Family Choice Award. If you’re looking for the next best trampoline for your family, consider one that puts health and safety first.

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