December 17, 2017

GloryFeel Colon Cleanse Review #gloryfeelColon

** I have received this product for free for testing purposes. My finding is completely mine and may vary from yours.

GloryFeel is a no-nonsense kind of colon cleanse capsule that sure packs the punch. And why is that? It’s very effective. Let me tell you why…

I didn’t feel much change on the first day I have taken this. However, during the 2nd day and onwards, that was when I was feeling my stomach “churning” a bit. The instruction indicated to take 2 capsules with 8 ounces of water at bedtime. I only took 1 capsule because I wasn’t sure how it would “work” my stomach the next day as I am a full time employee as well. The 2nd day onwards were very challenging. I am thankful I have an access to a very clean toilet at work because I just couldn’t stop “it.” I had to go several times a day even with very little food I was eating.

It didn’t hurt my stomach unlike the other probiotic capsules I have taken before but it was difficult to control the movement. I really had to go when I feel it. I see an improvement in my movement and it happens as soon as I wake up and do my business.

I started having breakouts on my face few days after I took this capsule. Not much ahs changed on my diet but I was having breakouts. I have done detox before and having skin breakouts is one of the signs that the detox is working. And this worked fast.

I don’t feel bloated.

It doesn’t have any after taste. It’s actually bland.

As for weight loss, I am not into any weight loss program right now. I didn’t my weight before I have started with the Colon Cleanse so I could not provide much on that aspect. All I can say is that my pants are getting loose because I am not bloated.

If there is anything I didn’t like in this product is the feeling of having to really go right away because I couldn’t control it much longer. And when I do, I could hear my stomach growl really loud. It was weird but this product is so effective. That, I can vouch for you. And I am still giving this my highest recommendation even if I had inconveniences while taking it because that means, it’s really working.

It didn’t have any funny smell like other capsules.
Why is it important to do a colon cleanse:

– Keeping the intestinal track free from, toxins and wastes
– Ensuring healthy bowel movement on a regular basis
– Ensuring better nutrient absorption by keeping the colon clean.
– Promoting a high energy level.
– Elimination of bloating.
– Losing extra weight.

Will I recommend it?
Definitely! The side effects may cause inconvenience to most who will take this colon cleanse but they are part of the cleansing process.

Gloryfeel Colon Cleanse contains herbs, fibres, natural laxatives like aloe vera, cascara sagrada and senna. It is Made in the USA.

The plastic bottle contains 30 capsules. You have to carefully read the instructions if you haven’t done detoxing before.

This product is available at Amazon.

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