December 18, 2017

Going On Leave Soon

The first month of the year has proven to be a one to reckon with. My workload is so immense and testy. It is also extremely stressful and time constraint and most importantly, it has changed me to become a mini-monster in a span of 3 weeks.

My patience is wearing off and it’s only January 2014! I desperately need to get away soon before I snap at someone again. One thing that peeves me is when my personality is getting affected by the stress. I don’t like that because I AM NOT LIKE THAT – a big B! However, for some very unconscious reasons, people at work (and even at home) see the toxicity level of stress taking its toll on me.

That is why, I deserve a leave and I will go on one in few days. I have to get away from all the hassles, stress that I somehow drag into 2014, unknowingly and not my fault because all those stuff are never ending unless one has been accomplished.

Anyway, no time to rant and I don’t want that. I should be happy. So, I’ll be away for few days this February. There’s won’t be any activity in my blogs for several days so I can unwind and enjoy 2014 in a better perspective. I have to recharge and detox both personally and professionally. It’s just too much negativity stemming from one task. And that is just ONE task. Imagine, if I have to do that singular task day in and day out, I’d probably go bonkers. Well, this is where vacation leaves come into play.

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