December 17, 2017

Health Benefits of Eating Walnuts

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Have you ever wondered why a walnut looks like a very tiny-scale model of human brain? Here’s the wonder of nature coming in; walnuts are brain food. It is rich in omega-fatty acid that is a good nutrient for the brain. It helps boost memory and cognitive function.

Aside from being a good brain food, it is also rich in plant-based protein and other vitamins and minerals which are all good for our body.

Walnuts also help in lowering bad cholesterol because of the presence of omega-fatty acids. It helps in heart health and also is rich in fibre so if you are into weight management, eating walnuts help you feel fuller. And the fibre also aids in your digestive tract.

Selenium, zinc and biotin are also present in walnuts so it helps in promoting healthy, shiny hair.

So, start infusing walnuts in your meal plans. You can use walnut oils in your salads or dressings to ensure you get the health benefits of walnuts. You can also snack on it rather than buying processed treats which are full of calories with no good nutrients to provide your system. Choose walnuts instead!

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