December 18, 2017

High Quality Epiphone Guitar

Not all guitars are created equal. There are those locally manufactured by guitar makers and then there are those well known brands like Gibson and Epiphone. While both are very well-known brands of high-quality guitars used by top-notch artists and bands, the Epiphone brand is something you can afford to buy provided you save enough.

An example of an affordable Epiphone guitar is the exciting epiphone el-00 pro which fetches around US$299.

I think that price is fairly reasonable considering the kind of make an Epiphone guitar is. What makes Epiphone special? Well, aside from the high-quality craftmanship, it is made of select mahogany (for the body) and rosewood (for the bridge) and mother-of-pearl dot inlays.

If you are on the look out for a nice guitar, consider Epiphone.

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