December 17, 2017

Holiday Gift Idea From Soufeel – Christmas Charms Bracelet

** I have received this beautiful charm bracelet from Soufeel complimentary in exchange of my honest review.

I am a woman who is fond of wearing charm bracelet and necklace. I even have another accessory that I wear often even to work. It has tiny charms inside the pendant and I could change it depending on my mood that day. And this time, I have the opportunity to review something I fancy!

I already own a Soufeel Charm bracelet which I also reviewed previously. This time, I have the holiday edition courtesy of Soufeel. I like many things about this jewelry accesory. For one, it costs a lot better than the well-known brand in the market. It also has plenty of charms to choose from which can be interchangeable. You can also select various designs of charms and bracelets depending on your preference. And what is so good with that is, if you feel like dressing up, you can select beads with gems or if you are feeling adventurous or cute, you can fill your bracelet with whimsical charms that reflect how you feel about yourself that day or for whatever the occasion is.

I am very happy with my selections. The charm bracelet is not chunky and not heavy when worn. I really love the intricate details of the little Christmas charms. I like them a lot especially the Santa sleigh, reindeer and the small Christmas log house. The fine details show whether you are viewing the charms from the top profile or at the back.

The charms and bracelets are made of fine sterling silver, Murano glass beads and the others have Crystals from Swarovski in some of their charms/designs.

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Soufeel bracelets and charms are the perfect gift to your special someone this Christmas. It has new charms for the holiday season and currently, they have a Flash Sale happening. So, if you want to avail of the great sale, head on to Soufeel and check out the many charms, bracelets, rings, earrings, and necklaces that they have.

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