December 4, 2017
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Holiday Gift Ideas from Nu Skin

Thanksgiving just went by and we are preparing for the next major holiday that is coming – Christmas. We should be preparing our holiday list even with our busy schedules to avoid the rush few days leading to Christmas.
If you know plenty of family members, and friends, or even colleagues who love products that can help with their skin care, oral and personal hygiene, and healthy lifestyle, then check out these simple gift ideas I have come up with from Nu Skin products.
Personal hygiene kit
You can give any combination of these products to form a personal hygiene kit. These products are perfect for those who love to care for their personal hygiene or are always on the go so they can take these products along as well.

(Whitens/lightens teeth, removes tea and coffee stains)
(Scion deodorant, can lighten armpits **may not be available in other Nu Skin global markets)
(Feminine wash)

***Some products may not be available in your country like the Scion Deodorant Whitening.
Insta-mood uplift and de-stress kit
This kit will be the perfect gloom buster. The  diffuser releases mist containing water and special Epoch … oil to help improve your mood, relax your mind and muscles, and ease your stress level.
Some oils can also help with sinusitis and nasal and chest congestions.

Foot spa care kit
Save your family member and friends the time (and money) to get some foot spa done. Make them enjoy the regimen at home with these Nu Skin foot care products.

(Sole solution, perfect for cracked heel)

Hair care kit
Let your gift receiver’s hair shine gloriously with these Nu Skin hair products that will surely wow them.

(Renu Hair Mask)
(Epoch Shampoo and Light Conditioner)

Beauty and skin care kit
Do you know someone who loves to keep primping themselves? Then these beauty products will be the perfect go-to for the glam gal.

(Face lift pack with applicator)
(Tri-Phasic White system helps lighten skin with regular use)

Anti-blemish kit
Have teens with skin blemishes? How about an adult friend who is suffering from one? These Nu Skin products target problematic skin issues most of use have or have had in the past. These products can treat your blemish and give your a clear skin with proper and regular usage.

(Epoch Blemish Treatment, perfect for acne/pimple)
(Nu Skin Clear Action System for acne treatment)

Nu Skin is a leading beauty, personal care, and health supplements company based in the USA. The company offers high-quality products that are effective and truly beneficial to your beauty and health.
Where to order?

Visit to purchase but you will need to create a customer account using my Distributor Number PH0056536 to create a free customer account.
For Philippines clients, please email me at mommaglama at yahoo dot com for your orders.
You can also earn here if you want to become a distributor.  Just visit the site, and select the region/country where you are a resident then click register as a new member. Joining is totally FREE! Use my Distributor Number to complete the registration process: PH0056536
Enjoy your purchase and Happy gifting! Happy Holidays!
***Some products may not be available in your country.

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