December 17, 2017

Holiday Stress Tips

The holidays are here and with it, comes all of the excitement and cheer. For many people, this season is filled with all of your typical day-to-day tasks, on top of the decorating, gift shopping, multiple holiday parties, glamorous meals, wrapping, ice skating, potlucks, and so much more! This can lead to the undeniable stress that comes each holiday season. With some helpful tips from Casper, here are some ways you can make this season a little bit easier so you can enjoy the best parts of this time of year!

Ask for help

Your to-do list may look overwhelming, but the big benefit of having close family and friends is that they can help! You’ll be surprised how willing people are to help if you just ask. Hosting a big holiday dinner? Suggest some dishes or drinks for your guests to bring. This way, it reduces the prep time and ensures you don’t have everyone bringing a bottle of wine!

Plan, plan, plan

There are never  enough hours in the day, but you can help free up some time by planning ahead. Set a schedule to plan out the days you need to get the big stuff done. Start with the required tasks, like family holiday parties or holiday shopping, and then fill in the other holiday activities around them. If you’re making a big holiday meal, make sure to create an extensive shopping list before to ensure that you don’t have any last-minute scrambling on a full day of cooking! There are really great apps out there that let you easily create a list.

Stick to a budget

A budget will become your best friend after the holiday cheer wears off and you’re entering the new year looking at your finances. Before you go gift or food shopping, it’s important to lay out how much money you can afford to spend. Not only will you keep your finances in check, but you’ll have a list of everything you need to get for gift and food shopping.

Be prepared to say no

The more friends and family you have, the more holiday activities you’re going to be invited to. Accepting every invitation can be overwhelming and make each event unenjoyable. The people close to you will understand that it’s impossible to make every single holiday event this season. Take time to balance, schedule, and decide what events are most important. For the invitations you can’t accept, just reach out and respectfully decline. There’s always next year!

Try a nap

A short nap can be the perfect break to a busy season and a great opportunity to take some time for yourself to reduce stress. If you’re having trouble falling asleep because of the millions of things running through your mind, just make sure you create the best sleeping environment you need to get those necessary zzz’s. A poor night’s sleep can create even more unnecessary stress. Try looking into the mattresses from Casper, if you’re looking for a comfortable spot!

Since it is National Cocoa Day, try taking your break with your favorite cup of hot cocoa! Ultimately, when in doubt, just take a deep breath and remember these tips. With each year coming and going, it’s important to enjoy special holiday moments with your family and friends.

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