December 17, 2017

Home Business To Consider For Stay-At-Home Crafty People

More and more people are becoming enterprising when it comes to their skills and know-how. We are not totally out of the woods yet with recession.  However, there is an improvement in the economy of most nations and jobs are opening up.

There are still some who prefer to stay in the confines of their home while one of their partner goes on a full time job because there are kids to take care of or just other reasons why they can’t be in a corporate scene. If you are one of those stay-at-home and you want to be able to help augment the income in your own little way, why not tap on your skills in being crafty?

Sew clothes, bags and other accessories you can sell

If you are very skilled in sewing, why not sew clothes, bags and other sewable projects you can sell in the flea market, online store or even at Etsy? You can also make cute clothes for dolls and pets!

Bake some goodies

Do you have the knack for baking? Why don’t you make an extra and sell them to your local church or community centre or offer online? Is there a local coffee shop where you can sell you baked goods? Take on customised cake and cookie design orders too if you have the artistry to whip up some nice decorated cakes and cookies for sale.

Make some toys

Make toys out of spare wood you have in your backyard if you’re good in carpentry and sell at your local flea market or even at Etsy. If you have a gift in making stuff out of cheap raw materials you can gather around, make one.

Offer arts and craft tutorial

If you are good in handicrafts like making handmade cards or really adept in painting, teach the kids around your neighbourhood the tips and tricks of craft making for a fee.

Arrange flowers

Some establishments like to display fresh flowers and if you have the eye for floral beauty and arranging one is just a breeze, offer your services and make money out of that talent.

There are many more ways you can augment your family income by selling or offering services that you are an expert of. Sound them off there in the comments portion. I want to know more ideas on other home business ideas you may have.

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