December 17, 2017

Home Remedy for Dry, Itchy Throat

I have been coughing like there’s no tomorrow since last week. I am so exhausted and haven’t had any decent sleep since I got back from my leave. My world turned upside down last February when my fur baby passed away and few days after that, my mum too. And since then, I have not rested properly.

So now, all the exhaustion is taking its toll on my fragile health. My throat is so itchy and dry and the couch is really bothersome!

Here’s a quick home remedy to soothe dry and itchy throat – ginger tea!

Grated or pounded ginger
1 cup of water
1 teaspoon honey to sweeten

Boil the ginger and pour in to a cup. Mix in honey to sweeten. You can also add few lemon juice for flavour but I prefer just the ginger and the honey.


You can drink this ginger tea 2-3 times a day.

*Do not use this as a medication to treat your sore throat. Consult a doctor when your cough or sore throat is persistent.

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