December 17, 2017

How Staying at Home with Preschoolers Changes Your Perspective on Life

Many career oriented moms, and dads for that matter, look forward to the time when they can put their career on hold to begin having a family. They work hard in the early days to become financially stable and when they’ve a bit of stability with a home and a decent car, it’s time to think about that family they’ve been longing for. Needless to say, once baby arrives, things aren’t quite what you expected. Have you ever stopped to think about how staying at home with preschoolers changes your perspective on life?

 There Has to Be More to Childrearing than Dirty Diapers and Runny Noses!

For many parents who waited to have children, parenting probably isn’t what they’d expected. Those 2 AM feedings you hear of are more realistically 10 PM, Midnight, 2 AM, 4 AM and so forth around the clock for the first several months. Finally, baby sleeps three or four hours at a time and just when you think you are going to lose your mind from lack of sleep, you ‘might’ get five or six hours occasionally. Then comes the terrible twos with its broken vases, runny noses, dirty diapers and toys scattered everywhere underfoot. This isn’t at all what you’d expected! Where is that cute little cuddly bundle of joy? This is a monster child and couldn’t possibly be yours!

 Not What You’d Expected yet So Much More

No, it’s not all that you’d expected yet it really is so much more. Even through the stress, the 2 AM feedings, the runny noses and perpetually dirty diaper, you wouldn’t miss a moment of it to save your life. However, it does tend to change one’s perspective on life, on what’s really important to you.

This is a time when you can look at schools like Rutgers Online where you can use those random quiet moments to pursue an advanced degree that will automatically qualify you for a higher income when you go back to work. This is a time when you can begin assessing where you are now and where you’d like to be in a few years when the kids begin their first day of kindergarten.

 Have You Learned What It Means to Have a Career to Look Forward To?

Why not consider working towards that online MEAD degree. You are beginning to understand just how important adult and continuing education is for the majority of young parents out there. They know they are not qualified for high paying jobs but also know they need to make changes or their children are often doomed to live in poverty. Being at home with your children gives you a chance to see what life on the other side is like, without that extra paycheck. If you are an educator, use this time to advance your own career so that you have skills (and credentials) to help other parents rise above these trying times.

When your monster goes to school you have a life ahead of you. What do underprivileged and undereducated parents have but more of the same? A master of education in adult and continuing education program helps you to do something meaningful as a result of your new perspective on life. Now you can help other parents who may be overwhelmed and not having any hope for their future. You can be that help. That’s an amazing thought – so go for it!

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